10 Captivating Pokemon Game Characters We Want to See Make a Comeback in Future Games

The Pokemon games have had some fascinating characters over the years. However, many of these individuals are often forgotten or overshadowed by the main protagonist and rivals. We’ve rounded up ten of the most intriguing and lovable Pokemon characters who deserve to make a comeback in future games, revisiting what makes them so special and where they could go next.


Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Having made her debut in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Zinnia is a character that deserves so much more attention. Not only is her design near flawless, but she also came with one hell of a battle theme to get you truly pumped. Zinnia was the starring character within ORAS’ post-game Delta Episode, which created much intrigue towards her character and story; and who could forget her beloved partner Pokemon? This girl had ‘Mons of both the small and cute variation with her Whismur, Aster, as well as powerful and menacing with her Mega Salamence.

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