Video: Exploring Speech AI from Research to Practical Production Applications

The integration of speech and translation AI into our daily lives is rapidly reshaping our interactions, from virtual assistants to call centers and augmented…

The integration of speech and translation AI into our daily lives is rapidly reshaping our interactions, from virtual assistants to call centers and augmented reality experiences. Speech AI Day provided valuable insights into the latest advancements in speech AI, showcasing how this technology addresses real-world challenges. 

In this first of three Speech AI Day sessions, experts from Carnegie Mellon University, Hippocratic AI, Suno, and Wipro discussed deploying speech AI to maximize business investment.

Key takeaways

Unified compatible framework: Establishing a standardized speech AI development framework ensures seamless compatibility between different components. This fosters easier speech AI solutions development and deployment and ultimately enhances the overall quality of speech AI services.

Efficiency through MLOps: Implementing MLOps streamlines model management from research to production, enabling companies to overcome the challenges associated with transitioning from proof-of-concepts to full-scale production implementations.

Rigorous reliability testing: A thorough testing and validation process is vital for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of speech AI solutions. This involves evaluating the solution’s understanding of various speech types and its ability to handle errors and unexpected inputs effectively.

Versatility in handling audio: Speech AI’s capability to process both verbal and non-verbal audio expands its utility across diverse applications, enhancing its practicality and applicability.

Video: Exploring Speech AI From Research to Practical Production Applications


The advancements in speech AI research are revolutionizing the development of multilingual applications, allowing concurrent understanding of different languages. Cutting-edge multilingual speech technologies empower you to create applications and deliver superior user experiences transcending cultural and national boundaries.

For in-depth insights into the latest trends and techniques in speech and translation AI, including automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), and neural machine translation (NMT), see the following resources:

Speech AI Day: Access all three Speech AI Day sessions on-demand, featuring presentations from leading companies such as Motorola and Deloitte.

Speech AI Ebook: Get a comprehensive overview of the speech AI landscape, understanding its functionalities and significance across various industries. 

NVIDIA Riva: Dive into NVIDIA Riva, a GPU-accelerated speech and translation AI with automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech, and neural machine translation skills ideal for conversational applications across cloud platforms, on-premises, at the edge, and embedded devices.

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