Diablo 4: Patch 1.2.2 Features 5 Unique Rings with Season 1’s Malignant Powers

Diablo 4’s Season of Blood has proved to be a significant improvement to those skeptical after playing the game at launch. But Blizzard isn’t done yet with Diablo 4; Patch 1.2.2 features 5 unique rings with season 1’s Malignant powers.

One Malignant Ring for Each Class

Image Source: Blizzard

Patch 1.2.2 drops on November 7th and introduces five new Unique rings, one for each class. Each ring’s Unique effect is inspired by effects from Season of the Malignant. On the patch notes, the developers left a note saying these rings were a way to borrow some of the more popular first season content that players enjoyed and reintroduce it in the next season and Eternal realm.

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