How to Beat Klaus in Dave the Diver

Klaus, the Great White Shark, is among the hardest bosses to fight in Dave the Diver. Here’s how to hunt and beat it.

Sharks are among the most fearsome underwater creatures in the ocean’s depths. So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of sharks in Dave the Diver.

One of the hardest bosses in the game is the Great White Shark named “Klaus.” This carnivorous enemy will forcefully charge anything in its path. Truly fearsome and tough, this boss will surely push your reflexes and wits to the test. And since Klaus is bigger, faster, and stronger than Dave, it will make a meal out of him if you bring Dave to the fight unprepared and unequipped. So, if you want to find and defeat Klaus, here are some tips to help you on your mission.

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How to Beat Klaus in Dave the Diver

To find and defeat Klaus the Great White Shark, you must finish a couple of tasks first and meet certain conditions to unlock the mission “Revenge Time!”.

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As the game’s storyline progresses, you will eventually encounter an NPC named Sato, as well as unlock an app called the Marinca app. This phone app will let you identify the quality of the fish and track all the fish you’ve caught. After acquiring the Marina App, a night diving cutscene will show in the Bancho Sushi Restaurant.

After that, Sato will randomly appear on your boat at night and will talk to Dave about the rare bosses that appear in the ocean during stormy nights. These bosses are the Mantis Shrimp and the Truck Hermit Crab. After defeating those bosses, a special quest will be triggered on a random stormy day. This quest is the Revenge Time quest. This event will most likely happen after triggering the shark event.

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When the quest starts, an old lady named Clara in the raft will appear and come to your boat telling Dave that Klaus, The Great White Shark, appears in the ocean during stormy nights. Klaus killed Clara’s husband, and she will ask Dave for help to find its lair.

When another stormy night comes, jump into the water, and you can see a white vortex. The white vortex can be found from zero to fifty meters of the blue hole oceans. Jumping into the vortex will trigger the boss battle between Dave and Klaus.

Defeating Klaus in Dave the Diver

After triggering the boss fight, you will notice that you can no longer reach Clara through phone calls. Considering that this boss is a giant treat waiting to be collected, you must be prepared to fight this enormous beast. Upgraded diving gear will help a lot to withstand its deadly blow. Having a bigger oxygen tank will help you to survive longer in this boss fight. Upgraded weapons will also allow you to deal greater damage underwater.

Dodging the shark’s attacks while the shark is charging at you is the best option and strategy. You will eventually notice that the shark will slow down for a few seconds after attacking, which is the best chance to counter the enemy’s attack. Klaus will charge at you at a very high speed. Maximizing your distance from the boss will help you dodge perfectly while trying to avoid melee contact.

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Klaus can also do whirlpool attacks. If you deal a certain amount of damage to the enemy, it will launch whirlpool attacks that will move up and down towards Dave. The key here is to swim up and down in the opposite direction to dodge the incoming whirlpools. Your oxygen level will drop rapidly after getting hit by a whirlpool.

When Klaus makes eye contact with you, it will brutally charge at you with a bite attack that will deal a massive amount of damage. Make sure to dodge all of its attacks while dealing damage of your own. Your goal is to damage Klaus and survive long enough for Clara to come and help you out.

After dealing enough damage to the boss, Clara will show up to finish the fight. Instead of fighting with it directly, try to dodge and avoid Klaus’ attacks. You can easily damage it by timing your attacks whenever it slows down after every attack. This opportunity will let you deal with damage and survive. You should also observe your oxygen meter because it can only be refilled once during the boss fight.

Boss Battle Rewards

You can unlock the Shark Teeth Necklace Charm after beating Klaus, The Great White Shark. This charm will increase the damage of your equipped harpoons by 15%. Defeating Klaus will also unlock a recipe called the White Shark Omelet, as well as being able to harvest its meat.

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