Diablo 4: Greater Rifts Will Return in Patch 1.2.3

While patch 1.2.2 already delivers some new exciting content in the form of Unique rings with effects from Season of the Malignant, Greater Rifts will return in Diablo 4’s patch 1.2.3.

New Endgame Pinnacle Dungeon Event

Image Source: Blizzard

Called Abattoir of Zir, these new pinnacle dungeons, by far, represent some of the most challenging content in Diablo 4. Functionally, they are very similar to how Greater Rifts work in Diablo 3. Specifically, Diablo 3 veterans will notice the need to kill a certain amount of monsters in a Nightmare Dungeon while a timer ticks down. If they succeed, then a boss will spawn. Once slain, we hope the boss will become a literal loot fountain as they did in Diablo 3.

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