Overwatch 2: Get D. Va’s Waveracer Skin for Free via Prime Gaming

It may be harder to get cosmetics with Overwatch 2 now, but Prime Video has teamed up with Blizzard for a special promo.

As announced by the official account, you can get D. Va’s Legendary Waveracer skin via Prime Gaming. Here’s the post:

The offer is only up until June 23though, so you better find a way to get there before the promotion ends. Here’s the official description for the promo:

It’s fun in the sun! You’ll be ready to hit the beach with D.Va as she races through the Competition in her splashy mech. This month, make waves with this popular Tank hero and get her Waveracer skin just by being a Prime Gaming member!

With Overwatch 2 recently scrapping their original PvE plans, gamers are wondering just what’s in store for the future of the game. Though the gameplay loop is solid and the characters are still fun, players of old Overwatch  have been finding it hard to adapt with this new battle pass method which makes it hard to get cosmetics specifically for their characters.

I mean, loot boxes had their downs, but the battle pass model really had a lot of players fuming. For now though, it looks like the devs have found a balance with the updated battle pass. Let’s just hope it manages to stick this time.

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