Jack Black Stars in MV for Tenacious D’s Ode to Video Games

Jack Black had gone viral with his Peaches song from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and with that film hitting digital, Black and his band Tenacious D have dropped a new animated music video that’s an ode to video games from God of War to Red Dead Redemption.

Jack Black Stars in MV for Tenacious D's Ode to Video Games

Check this out:

Created in collaboration with Oney Plays and Directed by Adam Paloian and Chris “Oney” O’Neill

Though a parody of Super Mario was kind of expected with the music video, we also have all kinds of references to other iconic video games including The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Minecraft, Tomb Raider, Sonic the Hedgehog, Team Fortress, and Street Fighter.

Black may be best known for his movie roles, but he did also kickstart a Youtube channel with his kids called Jablinski Games which evolved to Black just trying out all kinds of games with his kids. The channel wasn’t as active as it was before, but it did help establish Black as another star in the video game side of the internet. He may not have the followings of internet celebrities like Ninja or PewDiePie, but he’s already Jack Black so I don’t think internet numbers really matter at this point.

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