Every Type Of Zombie In Back 4 Blood And How To Fight Them

Turtle Rock Studios’ Back 4 Blood is an amazing tribute to Left 4 Dead. Like its predecessor, the game features many zombies to kill and beat. Among them are special zombies that will take more than a few bullets to take down. What’s worse is that without the proper strategy, these zombies can also be the bane or end of your entire squad.

Every Type Of Zombie In Back 4 Blood And How To Fight Them

There are five zombie types in Back 4 Blood. These are Hockers, Retches, Snitches, Bruisers, and Ogres. Each of these zombies offers a unique ability that can put your team in a bind. If you ever have to face these zombies in your fight for survival, here are some tips on killing these undead quickly.


Snitches are unique in that they don’t necessarily try to hurt you. What makes them unique is that their strength lies in the fact that they can call for help very quickly. True to their name, Snitches will rat you out to nearby zombie hordes, so it’s important to kill them as soon as possible. Kill them from afar if you must.

Snitches can be distinguished by their long neck and their slender bodies. They aren’t always aware of the location of players. As such, you can easily take them out by stealthily going behind them for an easy kill. Try not to engage in a firefight near Snitches, as they can be bothersome simply by calling on hordes if you aren’t too careful.


Out of the five zombie types in the game, Hockers are the most agile. They are distinguishable by the extra arms attached to their back, allowing them to cling onto walls. Moreover, they can jump long distances as well. While agile, Hockers have low health, so killing them in a few well-timed shots is not necessarily a problem.

One of the unique abilities of Hockers is that they can spit a gooey substance that can lock in place whoever is hit. This makes them quite the problem, especially if you are fighting a horde of zombies and a Hocker manages to spit on you. The only way to remove the substance is by melee attacking the area a few times.

You’ll know a Hocker is nearby if you hear a coughing sound. Their weak spot is the chest area which is very easy to hit. We suggest using high-powered weapons like shotguns against Hockers as it is very easy to kill them. Avoid letting Hockers last too long on the map, as they can be quite troublesome along with other zombies.


If you’ve played Left 4 Dead before, the best way to describe a Retch is that it’s a mix between a Spitter and a Boomer. Aside from being able to spit acid that deals damage over time, Retches will also explode before dying. This explosion doesn’t just deal damage; it can also attract the attention of nearby hordes to your location.

The acid deals damage in an area, forcing your team to scatter around an area and isolate you from each other.

Retches are huge, and it’s easy to spot them at a distance. Because of their size, you can easily take out a Retch from afar. By killing them from afar, you can also draw away the attention of other zombie hordes on the map. It would be wise to have at least one member of the team carrying a sniper rifle so that Retches can be taken care of before they get too close.


Bruisers are distinguished by their large arms with glowing patches. They are very intimidating, and rightfully so. A Bruiser’s large arm is used to hit players and damage them. The attack can also knock you back several meters, thus possibly disorienting you as well. A Bruiser’s attack can also hit players in an area as well.

Bruisers are easily one of the easiest zombies to kill in the game, mostly because of their exposed weak spots. They only pose a real threat to you if you fight them in an enclosed area. They are most dangerous up close, but at mid-range, they don’t provide a lot of problems for you and your team. Focus on the enlarged arm from afar, and you’ll be ready.

Assault rifles and other high-fire rate weapons are best against Bruisers because of their exposed weak spot. Whatever happens, avoid getting into a tight room with them, as they’ll give you a handful once they do.


Ogres are Back 4 Blood’s equivalent of a Tank in Left 4 Dead. They are large, highly durable, and destructive and also deal much damage. It takes a coordinated group to take down an Ogre. The good news is that Ogres usually serve as a special boss around each act. This means you don’t face them as much as other special zombies in the game.

To make matters worse, Ogres can replenish their health during the fight. They can also destroy obstacles to throw at you too. Ensure you always conserve your ammo throughout a level, as you’ll need all that you have to kill an Ogre in Back 4 Blood.

One of the best ways to kill an Ogre is to find a small space where you and other players can go inside. This will prevent the Ogre from getting too close and give you enough cover to take clean shots. If a cover is nowhere near, you must constantly move around to avoid the Ogre’s attacks.

These zombies will give you a lot of trouble in Back 4 Blood. Make sure to prepare for every one of them. Back 4 Blood does give you access to great weapons and unique abilities but knowledge of how you can kill and fight these zombies is also vital for your survival.

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