Franklin, Trevor, and Michael can all use a wind down now and then.

GTA 5: Strip Club Location

The Strip Club, or Vanilla Unicorn, as it is more commonly known in-game, is a chain of gentlemen’s bars in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online where players can avail of all sorts of mini-games while they are in the bar, albeit paid ones. A simple trophy can also be unlocked by patronizing the club.

Storywise, the strip club was managed by a minor Grand Theft Auto character named Leon before Trevor put him out of his misery and took over the club for himself in one of the missions in-game.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been running around Downtown Los Santos yet still can’t find Trevor’s Strip Club, we have a minimap marker for Vanilla Unicorn’s location on the map below.

Strip Club Minigames

Despite the sensual setting, the GTA 5 Strip Club is a mini-game that players have to complete to reach 100% game completion in GTA 5.

Players can buy a stripper to get a private dance for $40, which will unlock the “Enjoy Your Stay” trophy in-game. Players don’t have to sit through the entire dance, as simply buying the service will unlock the trophy nonetheless.

However, a bodyguard will be on watch during the private dance and will try to prevent the player from touching the stripper if players try to make the most of their $40. After being caught three times by the bodyguard, the player will be kicked out of the strip club for good.


After Trevor takes over the Strip Club following the events of Hang Ten, Michael and Franklin can touch the strippers as often as they would like without the risk of ever getting kicked out of the club.

GTA 5 Strip Club Location

GTA 5’s strip club, Vanilla Unicorn is a parody of Spearmint Rhino (both feature a flavor and an animal in the name) and bears a striking resemblance to the real-life strip club chain named Bare Elegance Gentleman’s Club in Los Angeles.

In GTA 5, players can find the Strip Club in Strawberry, Los Santos. Refer to the map marker below to get a better idea of where to find Vanilla Unicorn. However, note that you will have to be unarmed before entering the strip club.

The strip club will eventually become a safehouse for Trevor after he takes over the club after the events of the mission Hang Ten.

Seeing is relieving

The GTA 5 strip club has always been one of the most controversial parts of Grand Theft Auto 5’s open-world depiction. However, the location is there for players to visit and is a necessary location to complete the game with a perfect 100% completion.

So, there we have it! We hope that you can find Vanilla Unicorn in-game through this guide.

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