5 Best Tips To Avoid Getting Lost in Minecraft 1.19

This guide aims to teach players the five ways they can use to prevent themselves from getting lost in Minecraft 1.19.

5 Best Tips To Avoid Getting Lost in Minecraft 1.19

Being an open-world sandbox game, Minecraft has constantly proven to have one of the most extensive maps, even topping most open-world games to date. Since the game starts with world generation, the map players can explore in Minecraft is virtually endless, giving players a total play area to build whatever structures they want to build and explore each new content as much as they want.

The game is primarily considered a survival game, so the player’s exploration is critical in progressing the story and other things. However, the biggest catch to Minecraft is that, unlike other regular games, Minecraft does not offer players the ease and comfort of having an on-screen mini-map. Therefore, without a mini-map or full-sized auto map to work with, most players can often get lost by exploring the vast world of Minecraft alone. So we’ve created a short guide to show players the five best tips and tricks to help prevent themselves from losing their path while on their journey to conquer Minecraft.

5 Best Tips To Prevent Yourself From Getting Lost in Minecraft 1.19 Update

1. Place markers on your path

Many players in Minecraft who prefer to play the game in survival mode often carry stacks of torches with them to help them navigate their path and prevent themselves from getting lost in the dark and inside caves. In the caves and caverns of Minecraft, it is usually dark as sunlight cannot naturally enter if deep enough, so placing down torches on your way will help you navigate through them while also marking out the passage that you used to enter the cave for you to easily find your way back out, especially when in an emergency.

Similarly, players can use other means to mark out their passage route, such as placing down blocks or digging a path as long as it stands out like a sore thumb in the middle of nowhere to prevent themselves from getting lost inside the tunnels in a cavern.

2. Go to higher ground

Whenever you are navigating your way back to your base or have a place in mind that you need to go to, the best technique is to find a high vantage point where you can see where you need to go past the thicket of trees blocking your way. This method can provide you with a ton of perspective and allow you to locate the exact direction of where you are headed, even when your render distance in the game is low.

Players who have already reached late-game and completed the quest to defeat the ender dragon can use the elytra to fly across the map without much effort. But to those of you who are still new to the game or are still completing the game, then this method is the perfect way to prevent yourself from getting lost, especially when in the middle of the woods.

3. Increase your game’s render distance

Many players usually prefer to keep the render distance of the game at lower numbers—usually from 6 to 8 or even 10. It is quite understandable that many players often use this method to help utilize the maximum performance of their gaming units. However, having a higher render distance or rendering “scale value” can also help players navigate their destinations faster and easier. This is because having a higher render distance will allow the players to see more ground and terrain from afar. So the best way to use high render distance is to turn the values up for a short while—just enough time for the world to generate much further away and allow you to see where you are headed—before turning it back down once you know where to go.

4. Use empty maps

Maps in Minecraft are valuable items that can help players identify the surrounding area or terrain of a specific location they have already explored. Whenever a player passes through a location while holding an empty map, it will automatically register in the map and jot down every detail and landmark in the area. Players can even lock their maps to prevent them from getting updated, or they can also create duplicate maps of the exact location.

There are also other maps, such as explorer maps that are available for purchase from a cartographer villager, which players can buy to locate two of the largest structures in the Overworld: the woodland mansion and the ocean monument, and buried treasure maps which players can obtain from underwater ruins and shipwrecks that contain the location of a buried treasure in a beach nearby.

5. Use a compass for navigation

The compass is one of the game’s simplest yet most useful items. This is because the game does not offer a mini-map to show the location of where you are headed, and it is easy to get lost without any form of navigation. So the compass is probably the best navigation tool the game can offer players at the cost of a few simple crafting ingredients such as iron ingots and redstone. The compass in the game, however, is unlike regular compasses where it points toward where the north is located. The compass in Minecraft only points towards the first spawn point of the player upon entering the world after world generation. This item is handy for players trying to navigate their way back to where they first spawned in the game.

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