Privaty’s Softer Side Comes Out In Nikke’s Perfect Maid Event

Most of the time villains are written without any in between — they’re either irredeemable jerks or they get better. When it comes to Privaty of Nikke, she falls in between as someone who isn’t the bad guy but is permanently “forced” to be because of her position. Oh, and did we mention she’s a maid now? That’s right, Nikke‘s Perfect Maid event puts miss grumpy into the uniform.

When you’re an android in a totalitarian society, the worst luck you can have is getting assigned as the government dog. Privaty is a member of Triangle squad, who are essentially the secret police of the leadership. Their job is to carry out missions to eliminate or capture “threats”, which of course can be very subjective in this story. The protagonist himself is a “threat” because of his beliefs about Nikkes and their freedom. This is the catalyst for many clashes between himself and Privaty, to the point he knows her quite well.

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