How the Ohio Supercomputer Center Drives the Future of Computing

NASCAR races are all about speed, but even the fastest cars need to factor in safety, especially as rules and tracks change. The Ohio Supercomputer Center is ready to help. In this episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, host Noah Kravitz speaks with Alan Chalker, the director of strategic programs at the OSC, about all things supercomputing. The center’s Open OnDemand program, which takes the form of a web-based interface, empowers Ohio higher education institutions and industries with accessible, reliable and secure computational services and training and educational programs. Chalker dives into the history and evolution of the OSC, and explains how it’s working with client companies like NASCAR, which is simulating race car designs virtually. Tune in to learn more about Chalker’s outlook on the future of supercomputing and OSC’s role in realizing it.

Time Stamps:

1:39: History of the Ohio Supercomputer Center
3:18: What are supercomputers?
5:08: How the Open OnDemand program came to be
11:50 How is Open OnDemand being used across higher education, industries?
22:45: OSC’s work with NASCAR
26:57: What’s on the horizon for Open OnDemand?

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