How to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

Tracking down Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld is a key step in constructing fancy Ancient Tech like the Egg Incubator in your base. You’ve probably just defeated Zoe and Grizzbolt at the Rayne Syndicate Tower—your first proper boss—but despite them giving you Ancient Technology Points, you’ve realised that you also need to find Ancient Civilization Parts, too, if you want to actually build the tech you’re unlocking.

On the other hand, you might just be starting out, in which case I recommend grabbing a team of the best Pals and maybe even a Palworld mount so you can explore more easily. If you are at a point where you need them, though, here’s how to get Ancient Civilization Parts so you can start benefiting from all that powerful Ancient Technology. 

Where to find Ancient Civilization Parts

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You can see Alpha Pal bosses on the map (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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They’re also easy to recognise by their special health bar and title when you look at them (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

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Ancient Civilization Parts will let you build the Ancient Technology that you unlock (Image credit: Pocket Pair)

The best way to get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld is by defeating the Alpha Pal bosses you can find around the islands. Weirdly, this doesn’t include the Syndicate Tower bosses that give you Ancient Technology Points, but is limited to the wandering open-world bosses. Though they can be quite a challenge to fight, they’re relatively easy to find. 

First off, Alpha Pals are far larger than other Pals, and when you look at them their name will appear in red, different to how it usually does. The Alpha Pal itself is also generally a rarer type of Pal that you won’t otherwise see in the area. Once you’ve found one roaming around, it’ll be marked on your map with a little icon, so you can return to fight it later if you want. You can also get Ancient Civilization Parts by defeating dungeon bosses, but since these caves don’t appear on your map and have a limited spawn time, they’re far harder to locate.

If you’re looking for an easy Alpha Pal boss to take down in the Windswept Hills starting area, then I recommend Chillet. This Pal is relatively low level and you can find it just to the east of the Rayne Syndicate Tower where you fight Zoe and Grizzbolt. Once defeated, this Pal drops a couple of Ancient Civilization Parts—enough to build the Egg Incubator and get started hatching those Pal eggs you’ve been collecting around the place. 

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