Top 10 Best Teams in EA FC 24

EA’s annual football games may have a new name, but EA FC 24 is still much of the same for longtime fans of the franchise. Underneath the rebranding and fresh coat of paint are the same modes, teams, and microtransactions we all love and hate. Each season a small group of teams get 5-star ratings and a significant advantage in game modes like Kick Off and Seasons.

EA’s football games don’t always feature a team’s best line-up as its default option. It’s frustrating and can often lead to gamers missing out on having a big star in their squad. Whether they’re leaving key players on the bench or summer signings in the reserves, this can affect a team’s Attack, Midfield, and Defense ratings. For an authentic, up-to-date experience I recommend downloading the latest squad updates via the Settings menu when you first boot up the game.

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