Excellent 4X strategy game Old World drops its fourth DLC, adding a boatload of historical figures and wonders

Character-based historical 4X Old World will release a fourth DLC on January 11th, Wonders and Dynasties, bringing a whole, whole lot of new historical characters to the dynastic politics of your ancient empires. Something like 120 new characters, in fact, ranging from Hannibal and Caesar to Khufu and Stateira. That alongside 21 new character traits for those historicals and 100-some new events related to the politics of your imperial dynasty.

Mohawk Games says those events include “assassination attempts, state dinners, and interactions between historical characters across dynasties, cultures, and nations.”

The other half of the DLC is eight new Wonders for your ancient empire to build, the first since Old World’s 2021 release. Those include some all-time greats like the Jerwan Aqueduct, giving free farmer specialists, the rock of Jebel Barkal which gives free temples to your cities, and the Colosseum, which spits out free Swordsman units.

Old World is developed by Mohawk Games, the game studio led by Civilization 4 designer Soren Johnson. It’s a historical turn-based civilization-building strategy game with a focus on ancient history. It’s notable for a number of innovative inclusions in the genre, most notably the character driven mechanics that can see relationships between people decide the fate of your empire.

Wonders and Dynasties will be Old World’s fourth DLC release. It follows releases focusing on adding more religions and religious characters, one on ancient Greece and Hittites, and one on the Pharaohs and Kush. 

Old World was very well-received on its release. Fraser Brown gave it an 87 back in 2021 in his Old World review, noting that it felt like a real step forward in 4X strategy design. PC Gamer also gave it best Strategy game of 2021.

You can find Old World on Epic, GOG, and Steam for US $40. The Wonders and Dynasties DLC will release on January 11th.

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