What we want to see from PC gaming tech in 2024

If I’m being entirely honest I found 2023 a largely uninspiring year on the whole. Innovation was in short supply, with the expected and the iterative making up the majority of the year’s hardware releases. That’s not to say we didn’t get some really good tech released over the past 12 months—the Ryzen 7 7800X3D and 7840U were two of the best examples in terms of pure silicon—but they were essentially just extrapolations on existing technology.

But we want to see 2024 really moving the game on, both in terms of tech that’s actually attainable but also hardware that’s doing something new and innovative within the field of PC gaming gear.

Will we finally see the long-awaited appearance of multi compute die chiplet GPUs? Will we see silicon photonics reaching a realistic release window? Will Intel release thirteen different nodes and architectures? Will anybody release a graphics card that can reasonably be given a review score of above 90%? Will we find the perfect gaming monitor? Will gaming laptops finally actually be able to play games away from a plug socket?

What follows absolutely aren’t predictions. Based on the past year that would likely be a quite depressing read. So what I’ve tasked the PC Gamer hardware team with doing is to search their souls for what, in some mythical ideal world, they would like to see happening in the hobby in 2024.

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