These are the 10 Most Overrated & Overhyped Games of 2023, Cry More

2023 was admittedly a pretty good time for gaming, but not all of this year’s triple-A titles were worth their price tags. Grab your popcorn and power up your consoles as we embark on a journey through the pixelated pitfalls of the most overrated games of 2023!


Image Source: Luminous Productions via IGDB

Welcome to the enchanting world of Forspoken, where the only magical thing about it is the sheer amount of dedication it must’ve taken to turn all of the most cliché fantasy tropes into a “choose your own adventure” eye-roll. After the first few admittedly entertaining hours of this game, it’s like the developers just gave up and threw in some fancy fireworks to distract you from the fact that the story is as about as exciting as a wizard’s grocery list.

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