7 Games to Play When You Need a Break from RPG

Those of us who love RPG games love them because they are just so immersive and consuming that you can get lost in them for a few hours at a time and think nothing of it. Of course, this can lead to them becoming all-consuming, and when this happens, sometimes it can be worth taking a break from the digital world you have started to live in.

This is where we can help here at LitRPG Reads. Our team has put together a list of our favorite games to take a break from the realm of fantasy or even sci-fi RPG. If you need a break from the grind of RPG, check out this list as we’re likely to have something that’s right up your alley. Enjoy!

Wam to take a break but don’t want to stop gaming altogether? Here are some alternative games to try out instead:

1. Google Dino Game: The Classic Time-Killer

First up, the legendary Google Dino Game. It’s the definition of simplicity – just hit spacebar and jump over cacti and obstacles. It’s like a digital version of hopscotch but with a cute T-Rex. Perfect for when your internet goes down, and you’re left wondering what people did in the dark ages before WiFi.

2. Tetris: The Blocky Brain Teaser

Ah, Tetris, the granddaddy of addictive puzzle games. It’s all about fitting blocks together, which sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry, but trust me, it’s the digital equivalent of popping bubble wrap. Before you know it, you’re strategizing where to place that pesky Z-shaped block like it’s a matter of national security.

3. Among Us: Trust No One

For something a bit more social, there’s Among Us. It’s like playing Clue but in space, and instead of Colonel Mustard with the candlestick, it’s an alien in disguise. Great for a quick game with friends, and you get to practice your poker face and deceitful skills. You know, for science.

4. Minesweeper: The Original Rage Quit Game

Remember Minesweeper? It’s that game that came pre-installed on every computer in the 90s and still baffles many to this day. The goal is to clear a minefield without blowing yourself up. It’s like a digital game of “Operation” – one wrong move and boom! Great for brain exercise and learning how to swear in multiple languages.

5. Fruit Ninja: Slice and Dice

If you want something more hands-on, there’s Fruit Ninja. It’s exactly what it sounds like – slicing fruit with a ninja sword. It’s therapeutic in a way that only chopping flying watermelons can be. Just swipe away and relish in your fruit-slicing glory.

6. Flappy Bird: Frustratingly Fun

Flappy Bird, the game that had its 15 minutes of fame and then disappeared, leaving a flock of clones in its wake. It’s simple – tap to flap and don’t hit the pipes. Sounds easy, but it’s as challenging as trying to fold a fitted sheet. Great for testing your patience and finger dexterity.

7. Candy Crush: The Sweet Saga

And of course, there’s the anti-RPG that is  Candy Crush. It’s like the soap opera of puzzle games – colorful, addictive, and never-ending. Match those candies and watch the hours disappear like your resolve to “just play one more level.”

Remember, when your RPG adventures have left you feeling like you need a holiday, these simple, but surprisingly addictive games are the perfect getaway. 

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