Where to find a roller in Lego Fortnite and how to defeat it

You need to locate a roller in Lego Fortnite for the shells they drop so you can upgrade your workbench. Unless you’ve ignored your companion and set out to explore from the outset, it’s unlikely you’re going to know what that is. I certainly didn’t, when I was told I would need to find one.

I was lucky enough to stumble across one pretty quickly after setting out on my search—I say “lucky” but it decided to say hello by catapulting me back by several feet and taking off a massive chunk of my health. Still, at least I knew what I was looking for now, and soon, you will too. Here’s how to find a roller in Lego Fortnite so you can collect the shell it drops.

Lego Fortnite roller: How to find and defeat one 

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You’re unlikely to realise you’ve found a roller until it tries to run you over—at least, that’s the way it was for me. These small stone creatures resemble crabs when scuttling about but can be easily mistaken for regular rocks when undisturbed. The one I found was in the regular grassy biome, though I believe there are other types you can look out for in both desert and mountain areas.

Let’s be clear: rollers aren’t friendly. They’re pretty quick too, and will do their best impression of Sonic when they try to run you over. Your best bet in dealing with them is to hit them with your axe just as they’re recovering from a roll. Be careful though, as they can hit you with their front claws too which will throw you backwards, as well as do a ton of damage. 

After a bit of practice, you shouldn’t have any trouble taking them down—just remember that they are made of stone, so it will take a few hits to bring their health down. Once defeated, the roller will drop its shell, so don’t forget to pick it up before moving on to the next: you need three shells to upgrade your workbench. 

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