Untitled Goose game team announces Big Walk, an online cooperative ‘walker-talker’

Big Walk is a game about hanging out and getting lost in a big weird world, and it’s currently in development by the team who brought us Untitled Goose Game and Push Me Pull You. Announced at the 2023 Game Awards, it’s coming in 2025.

The Big Walk Steam page describes it as “a cooperative multiplayer adventure about teamwork and talking”, but it also seems to be about doing amusingly dumb stuff in a big open world. For example: sliding down big bumpy slopes, jumping into mysterious yellow holes, and balancing across bridges without guard rails (dangerous!). 

There’s also a focus on just hanging out too: looking at sunsets and riding trains. For the mean folk, you’ll be able to “steal your friend’s binoculars and kick them into the ocean”, for some reason.

“Set out with your friends through a wide-open world full of challenges, puzzles, and discoveries,” reads Steam. “You’ll need to work together to find your way around, stay in contact using an assortment of tools and toys, and figure out new ways to communicate when you suddenly find yourself speechless.”

Big Walk releases in 2025.

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