Monster Hunter Wilds announced for 2025, and it looks like a follow-up to World

Monster Hunter Wilds was the big final premiere at the 2023 Game Awards, with the above trailer confirming a 2025 release date. That’s a while off, and it’ll also be a while before we get more details about the Monster Hunter World follow-up: series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said on-stage that Capcom won’t show any more until December, 2024.

That’s a long time to spend digesting what’s in the above trailer. It wasn’t explicitly noted during the announcement, but Monster Hunter Wilds is clearly a follow-up to Monster Hunter World rather than Monster Hunter Rise. The graphics are prettier (at least, they are on the Monster Hunter scale of pretty), and it looks like we’ll be experiencing some pretty gnarly weather effects including dust and electrical storms.

Monster Hunter Rise came to PC last year after a period of Nintendo Switch exclusivity. In February, Koei Tecmo offered its own take on the genre with Wild Hearts, which also has “wild” in its title. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

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