Is It Worth Getting Born of Bread? – Answered

Is it worth getting Born of Bread? Find out in this article!

Paper Mario had established a new blend of 2D/3D gaming when it launched for Nintendo in 2000, and though there have been multiple sequels, the 2D characters in a 3D environment are still pretty rare in modern games.

Enter WildArts Studio Inc., whose new game, Born of Bread, embraces the look of 2D characters in a 3D space and promises players a wild and cuddly fantasy adventure with anthropomorphic animals, princes and princesses, and bread golems.

Story Premise for Born of Bread

Born of Bread centers on the story of Loaf, a “flour golem” born from a forbidden bread recipe by Papa Baker. When the villainous Jester and his group come from a different time to take over the land, it will be up to Loaf and his friends to stop them.

The game will essentially have Loaf and friends explore this lush cartoon world, gathering weapons and discovering new areas. With his trusty spoon, Loaf can smash items and gather all kinds of Easter Eggs. He can also use some of his friends to find secret areas where he could stash special loot and weapons.

Besides Loaf and his colorful crew of friends, the game is filled with all kinds of bread puns to add more humor and fun to Born of Bread. There are also easter eggs connected to other franchises, including a cameo from The Office characters Michael, Jim, and Dwight.


The game essentially has 2D characters exploring the 3D world, like Paper Mario. The game is designed to encourage players to explore every nook and cranny of the game. Still, besides your usual exploration mechanics, Born of Bread also has some platforming mechanics, urging players to jump and puzzle out of certain areas, trying to get to all kinds of places in this magical fantasy kingdom.

As for combat, the game uses a turn-based system with players choosing between Loaf and his chosen companion—each with their special powers and weapons. During the battle, players will have to play a minigame that will determine how effective their attack was; they will vary depending on the nature of the attack.

Since players will also be earning a lot of different kinds of items in the game, Born of Bread also comes with an interesting inventory system, much like Resident Evil, where players will have to properly position the items in Loaf’s pack so that they can all fit snuggly while he goes on his journey.

What are the Critics Saying?

Though Born of Bread is certainly arresting with its colorful visuals and unique style, many players have commented that it falls short of the Paper Mario games it’s been paying homage to.

When it comes to the story, the game is pretty plain, but some fans have been pointing out that Born of Bread shines with its sense of humor, delivering some truly original and funny moments in the middle of gameplay.

Gameplay-wise, players have commended that the turn-based mechanic is solid, albeit it could use more work. Though it’s possible that the developers could offer a fix somewhere down the line, players think it pretty much works, and the game’s pros far outweigh the cons.

As it stands, Born of Bread has a Metacritic score of 70, based on an average of several critic reviews.

Is it Worth Getting Born of Bread?

For seasoned players who love their platformers and JRPGs, Born of Bread may not offer anything new. The story and gameplay are considered pretty average, but at the same time, nobody is saying that it’s bad.

Born of Bread should be fun for anyone looking for a simple action-adventure fantasy set in a colorful world full of bread puns. It could be a nice entry into the genre, but as it stands, it didn’t rattle any cages or turn too many heads as far as seasoned RPG players are concerned.

Born of Bread is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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