Dave the Diver Sets Course For a Collab With Another Big Seafaring Game

The Game Awards have been definitely giving up the goods this year, as one of this year’s biggest hits is set to collab with another water-based game. That’s right, Dave the Diver and Dredge will be combining forces in an experience coming Dec. 15. I definitely couldn’t think of two games I would rather mash together from this year than these two. The new content will be coming to PC as well as Nintendo Switch, and thankfully very soon.

The underwater 2D adventure will break the surface for 3D. You’ll get to pilot a fish trawler in a ship as you get to interact with new characters. There will still be plenty of diving, but Dave will have just as much reason to journey on land once more. It is definitely content being added to Dave the Diver rather than new Dredge content that brings in Dave which I think honestly works better.

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