While the Iron’s Hot Review – Hammering Out the Kinks

While the Iron’s Hot on PC

Crafting games has certainly become a genre that has built up quite a community, allowing players to immerse themselves deeper in the worlds where the next big adventure awaits. For those seeking the opportunity to work up a sweat forging items near the hustle and bustle of a blacksmith’s hammer, Humble Bundle and Bontemps Games’ While The Iron’s Hot should provide plenty of satisfaction in that regard.

Image Source: Humble Games

Players will journey to the distant lands of Ellian, which has been home to a legacy of legendary artisans who have perfected their craft over the years in all kinds of disciplines. Yet, conspicuously, blacksmithing has become a lost art, and as the new face, it is up to you to take up the mantle of the masters of old and forge, smelt, and craft this world a collection of useful and interesting items.

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