The Best Farm Layouts for Coral Island

What are the best farm layouts for Coral Island?

Stairway Games’ Coral Island had received sparkling reviews from early access users. The game has officially launched, with several players wanting to make their special mark on the colorful paradise.

At the very core of the game is a farm simulator, and while farm simulators are a dime-a-dozen these days, the game depends on the players’ prior knowledge of how farm simulators work to tend to their farms and maximize profit.

Though there isn’t any solid solution for laying out your farm, there are some tips and tricks to ensure that your plants grow at the best rate, and you can ensure you can harvest them all year round.

Farming Basics

The farming mechanics in Coral Island play out pretty much like any other farm simulator game. First, you Till the soil with your Hoe, then plant a specific Seed of your choice (seeds can be purchased in Sam’s General Store, but you can also find some in the wild).

Water your seeds regularly until they start to grow a crop. The crops will take a few days to mature until they can be harvested fully; then, you can use your Scythe to harvest them and sell them off for profit.

Take note, the game also simulates four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, and there will be some specific crops that will only grow in specific seasons; crops that don’t belong during a season are known to wilt, and a seed planted in the wrong season will not grow. On the other hand, some crops manage to grow all year round.

To prevent crops from dying out in the wrong season, the game allows players to upgrade to a Greenhouse to ensure that they can keep growing specific crops in certain environments.

Besides watering the plants, the game comes with challenges like Crows that will take some of your crops away. Scarecrows can remedy them by frightening them off on your farm.

Best Farm Layout in Coral Island

Regarding farm layout, players often suggest placing tools like Scarecrows and Sprinklers in specific places so they can water and protect the maximum number of crops simultaneously.

In the earlier stages of the game, sprinklers and scarecrows can only cover a limited space on the farm, so some players like to have their crops intersect so that each tool can cover multiple batches of crops at a time. This is one suggested layout from u/Radiant-Bathtime on Reddit:

As you progress in the game, you’ll see that sprinklers and scarecrows can get upgrades, which will increase the area they can cover, and you can use less of them on your farm as you continue to grow.  

Ideally, you would like to plot your farm based on the coverage that your tools can get. One player has shared a 9×9 format built around a scarecrow in the center of the farm plot. You could then make each patch a 5×5 surrounding one sprinkler—save for the center, which will have the scarecrow. You can place a sprinkler there, but it won’t be able to reach the maximum amount of crops.

via: The Ginger Empire/Youtube

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Equipment

The thing about the game’s equipment being able to be upgraded is that players will constantly find themselves trying to solve a puzzle of how to make the most out of their layout and the constant leveling up of their gear.

If anything, players should keep in mind that no specific layout will stick for the player as they continue to grow Coral Island and get constant improvements. Then again, if you came into the game for the design mechanic, maybe the efficiency of your farm isn’t a high priority.

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