Taylor Swift Meme: Top 10 Taylor Swift Memes, Ranked

With her rollercoaster of relationship dramas, prolific back catalog, and intense fanbase, there is no wonder so many memes exist about Taylor Swift. It was tough whittling them down to just ten, but we have the list of our top favorite Taylor Swift memes ranked right here!

10 Best Taylor Swift Memes Ever Made

Swifties are an enthusiastic and, at times, scary bunch of fans who adore Taylor and her music and are obsessed with every move she makes. And who wouldn’t be? Taylor pours her soul into her music and her entire heart into her relationships so her fans can feel it whenever they listen to her songs. Of course, she is much more than just a music-obsessed romantic. Swift is also a cat-lover and awkward dancer! All these things make for some amazing memes made by her fans.

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