How Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League taps into PS5’s immersive power

Suit up, Task Force X. On February 2, our band of misfits will dive headfirst into Metropolis in Rocksteady Studios’ most ambitious game yet – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

At Rocksteady, storytelling and character depth are core to our games. With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, we wanted to explore the world we started in the Batman: Arkham series, but now through the villains’ eyes, combined with chaotic, action-packed combat and traversal gameplay, which truly comes to life on PlayStation 5.

Over the next few months, we’ll be giving you a deeper look into the game with our new Suicide Squad Insider video series. In the first episode, you’ll hear from several members of the Rocksteady team discussing the original story, dynamic open-world, fast-paced gameplay, and more.

At the heart of our game is an impossible mission: taking down the Justice League… and how the Suicide Squad reacts when given this do-or-die directive. But even when completing Amanda Waller’s most demanding objectives, you’ll be able to stay right on track with PlayStation 5’s activity cards.

Our story takes place in a besieged Metropolis, under the ever-present gaze of Brainiac’s Skull Ship. The expansive city of tomorrow is more than twice the size of Gotham in Batman: Arkham Knight and is full of missions, patrolling enemies, and secrets to discover as you progress through the campaign. Most importantly, we designed Metropolis to be a playground for your traversal abilities. We’ve utilized PlayStation 5’s SSD optimization to really push the boundaries of freedom when it comes to traversing around the city, so just getting around the environment is fast and intuitive.

With the deck stacked this heavily against them, the Squad is going to have to gear up. Which, of course, means stealing everything that isn’t nailed to the floor. By making use of iconic DC tools and gadgets, our DC Super-Villains can move around the city at pace and bring the fight to Brainiac.

Harley Quinn empowers her natural acrobatic prowess with Batman’s Grapnel Gun, which can be used on nearby rooftops to get vertical quickly. By grappling to the Bat Drone, the mistress of mayhem can swing in great looping arcs across the city. Once you master her traversal, you’ll see why she’s no one’s sidekick anymore.

Deadshot has Gizmo’s jetpack to soar through Metropolis in style. This offers an unparalleled degree of precision to the master assassin, and with the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers, we made sure you can feel every perfect shot.

Captain Boomerang has swiped a prototype Speed Force Gauntlet developed by Doctor Sivana, and he can use his boomerang to focus its abilities. Feel the raw power of slightly bent sticks with the DualSense controller’s dynamic haptic feedback as you remind Brainiac’s forces why you’re Australia’s premier marksman.

For such a sophisticated being, King Shark has a remarkably direct approach to traversal. Nanaue unleashes his demigod strength to barrel through hordes of enemies, leap great distances, and come crashing to the ground in a wave of destruction. Hear every desperate cry for help, every sidewalk smashed to smithereens, and every alien being turned into chum with PlayStation 5’s 3D Audio as King Shark leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.

All of these traversal abilities were designed from the ground up to feel good both moving around Metropolis and in combat. Whether raining down a hailstorm of grenades while swinging from the Bat Drone, blasting your shotgun between Speed Force dashes, or taking out enemies while jetpacking through the skies, the gameplay always feels fluid, chaotic, and downright villainous.

In future Suicide Squad Insider episodes, we’ll give you a closer look at the frantic gameplay and combat in the game, along with the customization and upgrading you’ll need to stand a chance against the Justice League.

Don’t forget, you can pre-order the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Standard or Deluxe Editions now on PlayStation 5 and receive four classic-themed Suicide Squad outfits, one for each Squad member. If you pre-order the digital version on PlayStation 5, you’ll also receive four Rogue outfits. And if you pre-order the Deluxe Edition, you can jump into the action on January 30 with 72-hour early access before the main release on February 2.

See you in Metropolis!

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