Where To Find Rubber in My Time at Sandrock

Learn all the different and most effective ways to get rubber in My Time at Sandrock.

In My Time at Sandrock, players take on the role of a builder tasked to help restore the post-apocalyptic town of Sandrock. Creating various items, machines, and structures the locals solicit is one of the ways you can improve the desert community. Players will also gather crafting materials in different locations as part of their duties, but some items are more difficult to find than others.

Rubber is a crafting ingredient that makes objects essential for filling out commissions and enhancing your workshop’s productivity. It can be processed into Rubber Shells, an item needed to make machines like the Apprentice Cooking Station and Yakmel Station. This elastic and durable material can be found anywhere in Sandrock. Below, we’ll show you how to efficiently farm rubber in My Time at Sandrock!

Salvaging Junk Piles (The Eufaula Salvage)

For builders such as yourself, junk piles are like a treasure trove. This is where you usually salvage resources like rubber for crafting. The Eufaula Salvage has a Scrapyard filled with plenty of junk piles where you can get dregs, data discs, and scraps. 

Look for Mixed Junk Piles and hit them with a Pickhammer to get Rubber Scraps. These scrap materials can then be processed in the Recycler to acquire rubber.

Use your Knowledge Points to acquire the Advanced Stone Knowledge Perk under Gathering to get more rubber from the scrapyard. This perk lets you salvage extra resources when mining junk piles. Another useful one is the Recycling Knowledge Perk, which grants you a high possibility of obtaining more items from recycling scrap materials.

Once you repair the Hydrogel and complete the Belly of the Beast mission, Ruined Bus Frames will appear in the scrapyard. Destroying these will give you more valuable scrap materials and plenty of rubber.

Exploring Sandrock (Town Outskirts, Hazardous Ruins, etc.)

Rubber Scraps can also be found outside the Eufaula Salvage junkyard. In the early game, you may encounter these scrap materials in areas near your workshop. But upgrade your Pickhammer to a Bronze Pickhammer to gather them. Enhancing your tools allows you to break down and collect stronger resources in the wild.

You can also find more rubber in Paradise Lost Hazardous Ruins. While navigating these monster-packed areas, you may pick up Junk Piles that acquire some rubber.

Additionally, you can sometimes obtain rubber pieces if you use Feather Duster to clean the machines, storage boxes, and other objects in your workshop.

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Defeating and Looting Enemies (Eufaula Desert, Hazardous Ruins, etc.)

Several hostile enemies drop rubber when you defeat them. An example of this is the elite enemy, Boxing Jack. The Boxing Jack is a boxing gloves-wearing mammal likely inspired by real-life Australian kangaroos because of their muscular build. You can spot several Boxing Jacks in the Eufaula Desert, a biome you can unlock after repairing the Shonash Canyon Bridge.

Other aggressive foes carry rubber but are much more challenging to beat as they are boss enemies. Geegler VP and its subordinate, Geegler Manager, can give you two to four rubbers upon defeating them. Old tech robots Move-o-Tron 9000 and The Caretaker Octopus also hold a couple of rubbers. Sometime during one of the main missions, you’ll lock horns with the outlaw, Logan. He will drop a few rubbers if you can win against him in a fight.


In My Time at Sandrock, resources are essential for crafting items and fulfilling commissions. Considering Sandrock is a town that survived a dystopian era, every item you acquire here has some value and usage, especially for builders.

Remember to gather materials (like rubber!) as much as possible and efficiently manage your resources. These two things are the key to completing objectives and quests in the game.

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