10 Most Impactful Songs in Attack on Titan That Hit Us Right in the Feels

Attack on Titan is a heavily emotional tale, with numerous devastating and bittersweet scenes that hit fans right in the feels. While narrative strength and character development are impressive throughout, the impact of these scenes is amplified by the incredibly powerful and moving music. To celebrate Attack on TItan’s astounding OST, we’ve collected 10 of the most memorable tracks to explore how they added to some of the series’ most breathtaking and heartbreaking moments.

Call Your Name <Gv>

The original “Call Your Name” track is already emotional enough as it is, but this variation uses a female singer instead, operating as a theme song for the highly troubled character, Annie Leonhart. This variation of the song is used as the ending credits for the Lost Girls OVA, which expands on Annie’s backstory, offering viewers hints into her internal conflict and true struggles underneath her harsh exterior.

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