Like a Dragon Gaiden Locker Key locations and how to use them

The Like a Dragon Gaiden Locker Keys will be pretty familiar to anyone who’s played previous Yakuza games. You run around town collecting scattered keys that can be used to open coin lockers containing a variety of valuable items—it’s effectively a lucky dip where you might get a really good piece of gear, or instead, a plain old consumable. 

With the new wire-based mechanic allowing you to snatch objects from rooftops and restaurant signs, a lot of these keys are hidden up high, though you’ll still find plenty in shops and in the new Castle area. On the whole, they aren’t too hard to find, and you even unlock the ability later in the game to spy them on the minimap when you’re close. 

Instead of listing out every location, I’ve included the best items you can get from the coin lockers, and where to find their respective Locker Keys. 

Locker Key locations for the best items

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It’s easy to recognise Locker Keys as they glow (Image credit: SEGA)

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You can find lots up high in Sotenbori and The Castle (Image credit: SEGA)

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Each locker contains a different item you can claim with its key (Image credit: SEGA)

While there are fifty Locker Keys located throughout Sotenbori and The Castle, there isn’t an achievement or reward tied to unlocking them all, and most of the lockers contain consumables or sellable items.

Instead of laying them all out, here’s a list of the most significant locker items you can grab and where to find the keys you need for each. Remember, if you want to use these keys, you can find the coin lockers at the south end of Bishamon Bridge in Sotenbori:


These are the armour pieces you can get from the coin lockers:

Bulletproof Vest: Locker Key G2. On top of the blowfish-shaped Zuboraya restaurant sign in the centre of Sotenbori Street.Body Armour: Locker Key E1. Found behind a scooter just next to the coin lockers.Bloody Binding: Locker Key G1. Up the staircase of the Four Shine Club just to the west of Ashitaba Park.Bless Wood Armour Replica: Locker Key J1. Found in Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar in south-west Shofukucho.Bless Wood Armour Replica: Locker Key C3. On a chair in the reception of Castle Cabaret club in The Castle.Sengoku Armour: Locker Key C5. Resting on the Rickshaw Stop post to your right as you enter The Castle.Genbu Bracelet: Locker Key D5. On a shipping container over the railing to the right just before you go through Twin Ogre Gate into the coliseum area of The Castle.Green Gem Bracelet: Locker Key B3. In Club SEGA arcade on Sotenbori Street, just beside the counter.Fearless Binding: Locker Key B5. On a railing just outside the entrance to the Gambling Hall in The Castle.Bulletproof Vest: Locker Key A2. In the back of the Poppo convenience store on East Sotenbori Street.Contact Lenses: Locker Key D2. In the back of the Infomen store on East Shofukucho Street.Payback Ring: Locker Key C4. On a railing in the upper area of the Gambling Hall, accessible once you unlock Platinum rank in The Castle.Pure White Briefs: Locker Key B2. Underneath a car next to the East Shofukucho Street taxi point.Suzaku Bracelet: Locker Key I2. On top of the big red octopus restaurant sign on the west side of Sotenbori Street.

Hobby items

These are items related to hobbies and pastimes in the lockers:

Fantasy Zone II (Game): Locker Key F4. Hidden in a gap between two buildings on South Shofukucho Street.Alien Syndrome (Game): Locker Key F1. In the corner of the entrance hallway to the Daidoji hideout you can access from chapter three onwards.Enduro Racer (Game): Locker Key I4. On top of a tree on the Sotenbori Footpath by the river. Thunder Darts (Darts): Locker Key G3. In the swimming pool in the VIP area of The Castle, accessible once you get Gold rank.Gold Darts (Darts): Locker Key F5. In the corner of the red-lit section of the upstairs VIP Casino area in The Castle, accessible once you get Platinum rank.High Torque Motor Mark 2 (Pocket Circuit): Locker Key H5. On the roof of the Yotsudera Kaiken Gambling Hall in south-west Shofukucho, behind the blue food counter.Super Slick Tires (Pocket Circuit): Locker Key E5. In the Gambling Hall area of The Castle, behind a folding screen just next to the stairs before the Platinum rank area.Killer Bee (Pocket Circuit): Locker Key I5. In the bin by the food area of the Fighters’ Lounge in The Castle, accessible once you earn Silver rank.Bluebolt Decal (Pocket Circuit): Locker Key D4. On top of the big screen at the end of the Fighters’ Lounge area in The Castle, accessible once you earn Silver rank.Royal Joker Card (Cards): Locker Key J4. On top of the speakers in the VIP area of The Castle, accessible once you reach Platinum rank.

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