All Like a Dragon Gaiden’s Challenge to the Informant quiz answers

While exploring Sotenburi’s many delights in Like a Dragon Gaiden and completing odd jobs for Akame, you’ll likely run into Quizzy Quester—a character who presumably works for the Sotenbori tourist board based on his interest in local trivia. This odd job will pop up throughout the game and each time the quiz master will pose you a new question about the area.

Get it right and you’ll get some extra cash to spend on upgrades or random pawn shop goodies. If you haven’t found Quizzy Quester yet, he’s located at the south end of Bishamon Bridge, just up a flight of stairs next to the coin lockers—an exclamation mark will show you when he’s got a new question. That said, here are all of the Like a Dragon Gaiden quiz answers.

Challenge to the Informant #1

Question: What’s the shop in Sotenbori called that sells Okonomiyaki called?Answer: Hiratai

Challenge to the Informant #2

Question: There’s a place in south-east Sotenbori called Ashitaba Park. If ya got a birds-eye view of it, what shape would it be?Answer: A triangle

Challenge to the Informant #3

Question: Above the entrance to club SEGA, there’s a billboard o’ one of the seven lucky gods—the warrior king, Bishamonten. What’s he wearin’ on his head?Answer: A helmet

Challenge to the Informant #4

Question: What type of Onigiri is not sold at the three Poppo stores in Sotenbori?Answer: Plum

Challenge to the Informant #5

Question: What’s the most expensive booze you can drink here in Sotenbori?Answer: Black Champagne

Challenge to the Informant #6 

Question: There’s a certain karaoke bar in Shofukucho with a woman’s name. It’s called new… what?Answer: Momoko

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