Thirsty Suitors Review – Jala’s Ex-Hausting Adventure

Thirsty Suitors on PC

Thirsty Suitors has been one of my most unexpected gaming joys of 2023, with the title originally catching my eye for the parallels it drew to the Scott Pilgrim franchise. However, as I soon discovered when I was given the opportunity to play a preview of the game, Thirsty Suitors is entirely original and quirky and puts a new spin on the whole ‘battle against angry exes’ thing.

Because I had found this preview to be such a blast, I was more than excited to give the completed game a run; and just as expected, the wacky, chaotic fun continued in full swing. While Thirsty Suitors does share some classic references to Scott Pilgrim, it also puts a refreshing spin on things to make the story feel entirely original.

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