Payday 3’s long-overdue first patch is live: ‘We’re finally up and running as things should be’

It took a whole lot longer than anyone expected (or reasonably thought possible), but the first Payday 3 patch is finally here. Developer Starbreeze says the update makes “a massive amount of fixes to make your heisting a smoother experience,” and that the instability issues players have been dealing with since the game launched in September are finally fixed.

It’s been a long, rough road getting here. Payday 3’s launch was a catastrophe: Players strongly disliked the game’s progression system, and worse, its demand for an online connection even for solo play meant that matchmaking woes were a big headache even for people who wanted to play by themselves. A presumed fix didn’t pan out, and a more comprehensive update planned for early October was delayed multiple times as Starbreeze discovered and struggled to fix numerous problems.

The net result is visible on Steam, where the user rating almost immediately tanked to “mostly negative” and concurrent player numbers remained a small fraction of Payday 2’s. That situation is slowly turning around: The user rating has managed to climb up to “mixed,” although with just 40% positive user reviews it’s at the absolute bottom of that scale. Still, it’s progress in the right direction, and this patch will hopefully go a long way toward lifting it up further.

The first patch makes a wide range of fixes and balance changes, including to a number of connection-related problems: Issues preventing the social list from filling, that prevented matchmaking when a former party leader leaves, and a non-specific “crash related to IP address,” are all reportedly addressed by the patch. Several other crash issues have also been fixed.

“After some instability, we’re finally up and running as things should be!” Starbreeze wrote. “Heisters heisting, civilians screaming and cops floundering! We’ve got a lot more cooking, keep letting us know when you find bugs and sending us your suggestions!”

Naturally, some players aren’t happy that it took this long for the first Payday 3 patch to arrive, and there’s a multitude of complaints about issues that remain unaddressed on Steam and Reddit. The weapon charm and death wish reward that were offered in the cross-promotion with Payday 2 still haven’t been granted (Starbreeze said it hopes to have that straightened out in time for the next patch), and there’s also no word on the studio’s earlier musing about a possible offline mode: The Payday 3 FAQ still states that “we haven’t ruled it out as a possible safeguard to ensure Payday 3 will remain always playable,” but as of now no work has begun on that front. There also doesn’t appear to be any of the promised changes to Payday 3’s progression system.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction, and in the few hours since the patch went live, Payday 3’s concurrent player count has seen a bump—a small bump, yes, but it seems that despite all the doubt and despair, at least some players are eager to see just how much this patch really improves things. If it delivers as promised, maybe Starbreeze can finally start taking meaningful steps toward turning its fortunes.

The full patch notes are below.


Added pre-order and edition specific items to everyone
Last radio call will now provide a last warning before alarm goes off, and will not be interrupted by other radio dialogues
Players can now not turn the camera during the full tased effect
Added a fix for the “Cleanin’ It Out” achievement to pop up when the criteria is met
Fixed an issue where the player doesn’t gain “Rush” when masking up while sprinting
Fixed an issue where the player could bind “Throw item” and “Request overkill weapon” to the same keybind
Updated the aim assist function for PS5 controllers
Closing or opening doors will no longer push/move players in close proximity
Fixed a crash caused when answering a radio
Fixed a crash that could happen when vaulting near the heist end
Fixed an issue where players got stuck in crouch when playing with high ping
Added a fix so Overkill weapons don’t fall through vehicles
Fixed so the tutorial scroll box is scrollable the second time you open a tutorial popup
Added a fix for a crash caused by multiple explosions
Fixed an issue where the “Closing the Account” trophy didn’t unlock properly
Fixed so the achievement “Cleanin’ it out” needs to be done on Overkill
Fixed issue with marking though some windows
Added a fix to prevent players from getting stuck when using a human shield that dies
Fixed a DLSS related crash
Fixed an issue where the player can get stuck and not proceeding to menus after failing a heist
Removed a state check to fix issue with AI placed bags having wrong rotation
Added a fix so game won’t crash when joining another player through social or shell
Fixed an issue with the social list not filling up
Fixed an issue where a party couldn’t matchmake if the former party leader had left the party
Fixed an issue where social list didn’t populate after reestablishing an internet connection
Changing languages should now work
Fixed a crash related to getting a random character when joining a game
Fixed a crash related to IP address
Closed the weapon experience exploit in 99 Boxes


For this patch, we wanted to primarily address minor fixes.

We are aware that Last Man Standing and Armor Up are performing a bit too well, so we plan to give them a few tweaks that keep them effective, but require a bit more setup compared to the benefits they offer. This will be in the next big patch. Outside of these two skills, we don’t expect any big nerfs coming to skills in the next patch, but given players are still getting used to the game, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the meta.

We are also aware that armor is considered the most desirable resource compared to ammo and health. We are happy with how armor itself works, but we want to put in a few more ways for players to restore it in the game. We also think health is underperforming right now, but addressing that will be a gradual change over the first year of updates, rather than one sweeping update.


Using Manipulator Basic Skill will no longer cause an interaction interference when players do multiple interactions in a row
“Battering Ram” skill can no longer be used to open blue keycard door on “Rock the Cradle”
“Battering Ram” skill can no longer be used to open the front door on “Touch the sky”


Added ability for knives to be thrown through broken shield visors.
Fixed an issue where throwing knives couldn’t be picked up when the equipped primary or secondary weapon had full ammo
Adjusted the Vertical Grip spawn point on weapon PC9
Moved the magazine release lever on SA A144
Fixed an issue with weapon recoil in lower FPS


Dozers will now get closer before engaging heisters with their shotgun
Updated the enemy flashbangs to apply flash effect more consistently
Player can no longer open doors leading to enemy spawn locations


The real meat of this update, the tech stuff! There’s a wide variety of fixes and changes on this list. Continue to let us know if you find any bugs and we’ll keep smashing them!


Added a “Keep these display changes?” message after changing screen resolution.
Fixed a minor typo in the loadout section
UI update for favor reward in result screen
Reduced description text size, in skill line menus
Added ability for players to review the EULA again after creating their accounts
Fixed an issue causing player names, and infamy levels, to not load correctly and displaying wrong information
Fixed translation issue related to the whiskey bottle in “Touch the Sky”
Fixed overlapping text in heist overview
Added icons for when buffs are blocked due to certain skills
Dropdown for offline friends in social screen should now be displayed correctly
Added a fix for the camera zooming out of screen when inspecting an item from the vendors
Fixed an issue showing an incorrect amount of remaining radio calls when a player joins an ongoing heist
Added a fix for overlapping weapon mod names to make them more readable
Player stats are now shown in result screen when failing a heist
Added a fix so a joining player’s name is displayed in the chat
Added a button prompt showing how to exit the safe cracking mini-game
The phone hacking visualization should now always reach full when completing
Fixed locked story videos to properly reset color values when initialized
Adjustments made to fonts in settings menu
Fixed an issue with the “report player” option not appearing
Fixed an issue where the user could interact with the menus when the report text box was open
Added a fix for stock mods “TQ” and “HQ”, their titles are now aligned in the loadout
Tool input is now shown as blocked when interacting with loot
Resized the loadout selection bar
Fixed an issue with joining a friend in the social menu when spamming the join button
Fixed an issue on with friends not to appear properly


A sound of dropping a dead body onto the ground will now be played when players drop bodies
The sound effect of sliding will now stop playing when players stop sliding
Added sound effect for closed windows being destroyed
Cinematic audio volume is now also affected by master volume
Removed “break” VFX from throwing knives that don’t break when Retriever skill is equipped
Added a fix for smalltalk between civilians and employees not triggering
Added more small talk conversations between civilians
Shade voice over will no longer play, when players return to the main menu after canceling matchmaking
Improved the sound effect for opening crates
Disabled the Shade VO about file clues when the actual documents have already been picked up
Wolf now whisper instead of screams for medic bags during stealth gameplay
Fixed an issue where dye packs would loop the audio when breaking while being disarmed
Fixed an issue where civilian cellphone ringtones would loop forever
Fixed an issue that could cause eye scanner to play incorrect VO when scanning the correct NPC
Audio balancing for enemy VOs
Added more door sounds
Added sound effects for NPC animations
Fixed an issue where the human shield takedown sound effect would not stop if you reload your gun while choking someone out


Fixed a visual issue with deployables placed on moving objects that wouldn’t sync up for players joining an ongoing heist
Fixed deployables floating in the air when placed on a surface that then moved, deployables will now fall to the ground.
Fixed an issue with deployables floating when placed on certain doors
Fixed multiple minor graphical issues on the front part of the bank on “No Rest of the Wicked”
Fixed weapon animation issue when looking upwards and using tools
Added a fix so that switching between sprinting and placing tools wouldn’t cause issues when sprinting.
Fixed animation issue when SWATs are freeing hostages appearing as taking damage
Fixed an issue on lower graphical settings causing the door of the escape helicopter to appear broken. (PC)
Fixed a bug where the player could get inside the transport van in one of the pot holes in “Road Rage”
Fixed a bug where standing on the van would cause the player positions to glitch
Realigned The Butcher’s contractor image with the bottom of the screen
Subtitle fixes for story videos
Fixed a animation issue when using microcamera
In-game heist info screen now scales properly across aspect ratios
Adjusted enemy sabotage animation
Optimized foliage LODs


Melee damage no longer affects environment details that should only take damage from explosions/gunfire in Gold & Sharke
Fixed missing collision, in a small area on the bank roof, on “No Rest for the Wicked”
Removed an area that was tagged as “public” on the roof in “Under the Surphaze”
Fixed a bug that led guards to sometimes walk through a closed door on “No Rest for the Wicked”
Added a fix for the Security Door that was openable without a Blue keycard on “99 boxes”
Added a missing out of bounds screen filter in “Under the Surphaze”
Deployables no longer disappear when thrown through vents on “Touch the Sky”
Added a fix for canceling sliding into panic room’s door on “Touch the Sky”
Fixed the texture of the panic room’s door on “Touch the Sky”
“Favors” and “Difficulty” are no longer visible in tutorials when holding Tab
Players will no longer stutter when jumping and sprinting inside the truck on “99 Boxes”
Added collision to block players from getting stuck behind a curtain on “Under the Surphaze”
Added collision to prevent bags from being thrown outside of the playable area on “Road Rage”
Fixed a vent navigation issue in “Rock the Cradle”
Fixed an issue where bags would get stuck in the forklift on “Road Rage”
Fixed an issue where loot bags would disappear when throwing them into the zipline on “Touch the Sky”
Fixed an issue where AI crew could get stuck in “99 Boxes”
Fixed issues where you could throw bags out of reach on “Dirty Ice”
Fixed an issue where some jewelry trays are clipping in the VIP room on “Dirty Ice”
Added so the drill option appears during Stealth on “Touch the Sky”
Disabled all interaction for placed planks once all four have been placed on “Road Rage”
Added a fix for where the Escape Objective sometimes didn’t appear on “Dirty Ice”
The “Enter the Workshop”-objective will get disabled if players secure maximum loot
Fixed an issue where Mason gets poisoned despite not being delivered the poisoned drink on “Touch the sky”
Fixed an issue where the armored truck would get stuck before the final ramp on “Road Rage”
Fixed an Overkill difficulty issue where the bouncer wouldn’t let you proceed after showing him the VIP invitation on “Rock the Cradle”
Adjusted the ambush setup timer on “Road Rage”
Added collision to prevent cage bags falling through the ground on “Rock the Cradle”
Added a fix so players cannot throw the zipline bag in the escape van on Gold & Sharke


Challenge stuck at 1/1 can now be unlocked by completing the challenge again or completing the highest difficulty challenge in the sequence
The weapon charms and death wish reward from the PAYDAY 2 to PAYDAY 3 cross promotion campaign haven’t been properly granted. We hope to have this issue fully resolved by the next patch

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