Now More Than Ever, Destiny 2 Needs to Crack Open the Content Vault

With the recent revelation that the upcoming Final Shape DLC for Destiny 2 will be delayed from February 2024 to June 2024, Destiny 2 players brace themselves for an impending seven-month-long Season. Normally I’d be okay with this to ensure the quality of the DLC is better than what we got with the Lightfall DLC, but with no content announcements for February and beyond, Bungie needs to crack open the DCV (Destiny Content Vault) now more than ever to ensure they keep player retention before The Final Shape arrives.

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Season 22, Season of the Witch, ends on Tuesday, Nov. 28, less than four weeks from now. When it ends, Season 23 (we don’t know the name of it yet) will begin. Instead of running until late February when the Final Shape would originally launch, it will now last until the beginning of June, taking the throne as the most extended Season ever in the Destiny franchise.

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