How to solve the Nursery Rhyme puzzles in Alan Wake 2

The Nursery Rhyme puzzles in Alan Wake 2 can be pretty confusing at first, but once you’ve solved a few of these riddles, the rest become much easier to figure out. Each puzzle has a number of colourful, child-like pictures drawn on the ground in chalk with a “rhyme” at the centre. 

You need to find and place specific dolls onto the correct pictures to complete the puzzle, which then warps reality and rewards you with a charm. Occasionally, completing a puzzle will spawn enemies, and sometimes you need to follow some kind of trail for quite a distance to find the reward.

You can tell when you’re approaching a Nursery Rhyme puzzle by the camera set up on a tripod close by. You won’t always need the same number of dolls for each, and there will be times when you need to use the same doll on different puzzles, so remember to pick them up again once you’re done. With all that in mind, here’s how to solve the Alan Wake 2 Nursery Rhyme puzzles I’ve found so far.

Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme puzzle solutions

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Private Cabin picnic area 

Crow Doll: Find it on the table nearby. Place it on the picture of the sun.

This puzzle is found on the ground near the picnic tables, southwest of the Private Cabin. Once you place the doll on the correct picture, a bird will fly down and land briefly on the picnic table. You’ll find the Hammer charm there as a reward.

The Witchfinder Station

Hero Doll: Found in the child’s bedroom inside the building. Go upstairs and to the right. Place it on the tree picture.Wolf Doll: Also inside the child’s bedroom, resting on top of a box file next to the filing cabinet. Place this one on the picture of the boat.

This puzzle is directly outside the Witchfinder Station so you can’t miss it. Once you’ve placed the dolls correctly, pawprints will appear. Follow them back into the house and up the stairs. The Coffee Mug charm is on the floor inside the playpen.

Private Cabin

Crow Doll: Place this on the chick picture.Wolf Doll: This one goes on the house.Hero Doll: Put the final doll on the heart.

You’ll find this Nursery Rhyme puzzle directly outside of the Private Cabin. Once you’ve completed it, head away from the cabin and to the northeast and you’ll see a red birdbox has fallen from the tree. You’ll find the Kalevala Knights charm on the ground next to it. 

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