How to enter Caldera St. Station in Alan Wake 2

If you’re trying to figure out how to enter Caldera St. Station in Alan Wake 2, you’re not alone. Locating the station isn’t an issue as you’ll find a map pretty quickly once you get out of the Talk Show Studio and onto the streets. What is an issue though is knowing how to get inside. 

You can use the Angel Lamp to reveal the entrance and head down into the depths, but once you get down there, there’s nowhere to go: you need to find a second light source to move forward. The area around the station is pretty vast and it’s hard to know where to start looking. With that in mind, here’s how to get into Caldera St. Station in Alan Wake 2.

How to get a second light charge 

Use your Angel Lamp to the right of the station to find the safe room. (Image credit: Remedy)

If you’ve done a little exploring, you’ve likely stumbled on the save room close by. If you haven’t, here’s how to get to it: 

Use your Angel Lamp to the right of the main station, near the bridge. You’ll get a prompt when you’re close.Go up the newly revealed steps and cross the tracks to find a ladder leading up on the other side.Head through the door with the lamp above it.Go down the steps and through another door and you’ll find the save room on your left.

Save your game and head back outside, turn left, then take the first right up the stairs. You’ll know if you’re in the right place as there’s a yellow arrow pointing to what is likely to be your first Word of Power.

Follow the walkway around, and dispel the darkness ahead with your regular torch to reveal a door. Go through and up the stairs and you’ll find yourself in an alley back on ground level. Find a yellow taxi with its headlights on and, as you approach, you’ll get another prompt to use your Angel Lamp. This gives you another light charge and changes your surroundings.

Feel free to explore the area and when you’re done, turn your attention to the metal fencing that leads back to the Caldera St. Station. Open the gate here—it was locked from this side—and head to the main station entrance.

Alan Wake 2: How to enter Caldera St Station 

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The door into the subway is revealed once you use the second Angel Lamp charge. (Image credit: Remedy)

Once you reach the station proper, another Angel Lamp prompt will pop up. Use it to reveal the way forward but don’t go down yet. Instead, head back to the light that you activated to reach the save room, and retrieve the other charge from there. 

Now you can head back and use the station entrance. At the bottom of the stairs inside the station lobby area, use the second light charge which reveals the door to the platform. Now you can use the subway pass you picked up earlier to enter. Good luck in there. 

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