I made a one-way bathtub Geralt city in Cities: Skylines 2 and want to move there

I’ve been working on something special in the form of a messed up Cities: Skylines 2 layout, courtesy of you, the people. It’s a design that really speaks to us at PC Gamer, and cements our followers as true, unfaltering disciples of the one true Geralt. I’ve had a chance to play around with some of the game’s fantastic road tools and make my dream a reality: translating bathtub Geralt into a fully (mostly) functioning city layout.

To create this work of art, we got some help from the community, crowdsourcing the kind of shape you’d like our city to take, with some road restrictions thrown in, just to make life difficult. Because you’re all sadists, you voted for a fully one-way system. For the shape of our utopia, you picked bathtub Geralt because, let’s face it, it was the best choice. 

So I commissioned a reference image from my good friend Ella McGinn, known by SourBadger, to do our lord and saviour justice. And then I set about besmirching my good name as an efficient Cities: Skylines 2 mayor—for science!

What resulted was a pretty twisted depiction of the man we know and love. Although Ella and I went to the same art college, she certainly seems to have gotten more out of the experience. 

You could say I butchered it, but I won’t because I have more class than that.

The process was much less of a kerfuffle than I imagined it would be, honestly. That’s owing in part to the fantastic rendition Ella did, as well as the adaptive road tools Colossal Order has implemented. The devs have made it much easier to rectify road-based cockups and misalignments, letting me avoid too many disasters.

I’ve been genuinely impressed with the new road system while riffing on my bathtub Geralt design. And I think despite the one-way road limitations, it actually turned out to be a functioning city for the most part. And who wouldn’t want to live in a beautiful utopia shaped like the Continent’s greatest monster slayer?

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