Gate crash a festival in the Chivalry 2: Raiding Party update

Knights, defend your nobles! Starting May 2 PlayStation Plus members can get Chivalry 2 as part of May’s Monthly Games on PS5 and PS4. To accompany this awesome launch, Torn Banner Studios has crafted an all-new Raiding Party update – available for free this week for all owners of Chivalry 2.

Gate crash a festival in the Chivalry 2: Raiding Party update

New map – The Sacking of Bridgetown

Join us for the newest Chivalry 2 map The Sacking of Bridgetown, a 64-player Team Objective experience. Defend as the honorable Agathans or spoil the party as the fearless Tenosians.

A decadent celebration by Agathian nobles is rudely interrupted by the terrifying blast of war horns: Tenosia is invading the verdant countryside of Irilla.

In this huge map’s first stage, defenders spawn as Agathian peasants – who must frantically take up arms to defend their Lords’ vineyards against Tenosian attackers. Can you survive long enough for the Agathian Knights to arrive? Probably not, but you’ll return to the fray as a proper warrior after valiantly dying for your kingdom. 

After the lush vineyards and farmlands fall to slaughter and flames, it’s time for attackers to raid old Bridgetown itself. Like a Renaissance fair gone deeply, deeply wrong, players will smash up the celebration as they turn the festivities upside down and let the streets run red with wine and, naturally, blood.  

Finally, it’s defenestration time. The ultimate objective for the invaders is to toss as many nobles out of windows as possible. Talk about a pane in the butt! 

Will Tenosia make it past Bridgetown to continue their assault on the lands of the North? Victory or defeat will reveal what tale you weave in this epic assault on all things decent and proper. 

Interested in a quick lore recap? For each game update the tale of Chivalry 2’s saga of war takes another major step forward. Bridgetown is the sixth post-launch Team Objective map added to the game (alongside various maps for other game modes). After successfully blasting through the bulwark in the Breach of Baudwyn map, the Tenosian Empire has begun the second phase of their invasion, advancing inland, which means crossing Bridgetown. The Agathian wine festival they interrupt? A celebration of King Argon’s successful defense of the recent Thayic Stronghold map against the Mason Order. Knowing is half the battle, right?

New weapon – Heavy Cavalry Sword

Deft in your hands but capable of truly ferocious slashes and special attacks, the new Heavy Cavalry Sword is designed to give players unique new methods of expressing themselves in the dance of Chivalry 2 combat. 

This one-handed weapon has long reach and slow swings, and can be equipped by the Footman Man-at-Arms and Knight Guardian subclasses. 

The Heavy Cavalry Sword enables unique attacks on horseback, with slash attacks that differ from its slashes on foot. Gameplay tip: input a special attack when on horseback to hold the weapon forward and lead your team’s charge to victory!

Various new unlockable skins will be available for the Heavy Cavalry Sword. Armour and Heraldry to match are included in free and paid tiers of the Raiding Party Campaign Pass. 

Cross-play parties and more

The Raiding Party update is one of our biggest ever, with the most quality-of-life improvements we’ve added in a single patch so far. Our team has been committed to continuously improving Chivalry 2 since launch, with new content, bug fixes and tweaks to better the experience. 

Chivalry 2 already features cross-platform matchmaking and a server browser, but one of the most requested features among the community is the ability to form parties with your friends across different gaming platforms. 

We’re excited to release Cross-play Parties Beta alongside this update, allowing players to share Invite Codes to add pals to their friends list, party up and matchmake into servers together. As a Beta there will be some minor issues present that we are already working on resolving in a future update.

So grab your friends, unsheathe your weapons and lead your forces to victory in the Raiding Party update. 

Onward – For victory and glory!

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