Cult of the Lamb is an interesting hybrid of farm sim and roguelike, as you’ll go on Crusades to defeat enemies in order to grow your flock and gain more power. The end goal of it all is to defeat the four Bishops that are keeping The One Who Waits in chains. Here is everything you need to know about how to defeat the Leshy boss fight in Cult of the Lamb, AKA the first big boss.

How to Unlock Darkwood

To get to Leshy, you’ll need to progress through their domain, known as the Darkwood. This area can be found at the top of the farm, and is unlocked once you have one follower.

To unlock the Darkwood, press A or X, and then a ritual will be performed, unlocking the door. After you unlock the door, you’ll need to follow the paths until the circle right above the door is full. You’ll encounter plenty of events and minibosses along the way, but once it is filled up, you’ll be able to fight Leshy.

How to Defeat Leshy in Cult of the Lamb


As the first boss, Leshy is by far the easiest Bishop to beat in Cult of the Lamb. After sacrificing their minions, Leshy turns into a caterpillar-like creature that burrows underground and spits poison while also spawning other smaller caterpillar enemies.

Leshy’s attack are slow and predictable, so just be sure to keep your distance when the creature starts to glow or rear back, as it indicates they’re about to strike. The poison attacks are also very easy to avoid, even though their’s a lot of projectiles flying in. Just simply get to a spot where the ground isn’t glowing, and you won’t be hit.

Leshy’s most powerful move is an area of effect attack that cascades from all around them, firing sharp pieces of wood from out of the ground. To avoid these jutting planks, just get as far away from the bosses’ location, as the attack will leave space to roll through the further out it goes.

In later stages, you should also watch out for Leshy’s ground-pound attack when going in to damage it, as it can do some good damage and catch you off guard if you aren’t paying attention. Just keep heading in and doing damage in between all of these attack, and you’ll have won in no time.

That is everything you need to know about how to defeat Leshy in Cult of the Lamb. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out the rest of our boss battle guides for the game, including the next one for how to defeat Heket.

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