Cloud Ahoy! Treasure Awaits With ‘Sea of Thieves’ on GeForce NOW

Set sail for adventure, pirates. Sea of Thieves makes waves in the cloud this week. It’s an adventure-filled GFN Thursday with four new games joining the GeForce NOW library.

#GreetingsFromGFN by Cloud Gaming Photography.

Plus, members are sharing their favorite locations they can access from the cloud. Follow along all month on @NVIDIAGFN social media accounts and post your own favorite cloud screenshots using #GreetingsfromGFN.

Seas the Day

Live the pirate life in the smash-hit pirate adventure game from Rare and Xbox Game Studios. Sea of Thieves takes place in an open world where players can explore the vast seas, engage in ship battles, hunt for treasure and embark on exciting quests.

Come sea what’s possible in the cloud.

The Sea of Thieves environment is always changing, as various seasons bring new features to the game and offer rich rewards for pirates old and new. Visit uncharted islands in search of treasure, dive deep into narrative-focused Tall Tales, take part in events and forge a path to become a true Pirate Legend. The newest season features the mysterious Sunken City, Cursed Sloop skeleton ships and fresh cosmetics.

Every pirate needs a crew, so grab some mateys and carve a fearsome reputation across the open seas, or adventure solo to keep all the bountiful treasure. Make the journey more rewarding with a GeForce NOW Ultimate membership, and play with gamers across the world with up to eight-hour gaming sessions for a kraken good time.

New Games Zoom Onto the Cloud

Take the tracks by storm.

Drift into the ultimate hero-based combat racing game in Disney Speedstorm, a free-to-play kart-racing game that features characters and high-speed circuits inspired by beloved Disney and Pixar worlds. Customize racers and karts, master each character’s unique skills and engage in thrilling multiplayer races. Whether exploring the docks of the Pirates’ Island track from Pirates of the Caribbean or the wilds of the Jungle Ruins map from The Jungle Book, players can experience iconic environments in the game.

Check out the list of new games this week:

SunnySide (New release on Steam, June 14)
Disney Speedstorm (Steam and Xbox, available on PC Game Pass)
Sea of Thieves (Steam and Xbox, available on PC Game Pass)
Bodycam (Steam)

What are you planning to play this weekend? Let us know on X or in the comments below.

Oar you looking forward to tomorrow?

— NVIDIA GeForce NOW (@NVIDIAGFN) June 12, 2024


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