10 Video Game Franchises We’d Love to See as LEGO Themes

Even with Minecraft and Super Mario in LEGO’s plastic hands, we can’t wait to see more video games turn into sets. With a Legend of Zelda theme and LEGO Horizon Adventures recently announced at Summer Game Fest, LEGO and the world of video games would be crazy to not carry on this momentum. Here are 10 video game franchises we’d love to see as LEGO themes.

1. Metroid

Image Source: Nintendo

From its 2020 Super Mario Bros. playset, Nintendo has been at the forefront of video game collaboration with LEGO. Following this we’ve seen other Nintendo franchises like Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda be painstakingly recreated in plastic. However, with hopes of a crossover with Fortnite seemingly dashed, why don’t we see Metroid’s Samus Aran transformed into bricks?

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