Destiny 2: Into the Light, the two-month series of updates leading into The Final Shape, begins on April 9

Bungie announced today that Destiny 2: Into the Light, the two-month stretch of updates and new content that will lead into The Final Shape, will get underway on April 9. The studio will hold three separate livestreams leading up to the big day showcasing hands-on gameplay and the new features, content, and rewards coming to the game.

The Final Shape, the conclusion to the Light and Darkness saga that’s underpinned the entire Destiny narrative thus far, was supposed to go live in February 2024. Instead, following layoffs at Bungie in October 2023, it was delayed to June 4, forcing Bungie to extend the Season of the Wish to a whopping six months. To keep players engaged, it came up with Into the Light, a series of free content updates, sandbox changes, and quality-of-life updates.

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What exactly will be added hasn’t yet been revealed, but that’s where those livestreams come in. They’re set to start at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on March 19, March 26, and April 2, and “each will focus on different part of the content update and be presented by our developers, who will be sharing tons of information and providing a hands-on preview,” Bungie said.

Even if you’re not especially interested in the details, there’s reason to tune in: Watching at least 30 minutes in total (across all three streams) will earn you the “Those Held Dear” emblem, and if you can tally up two hours of total viewing time you’ll also get the Echo Diamond emblem. Be sure to connect your Twitch profile to your Bungie ID so you can claim your stuff.

Those Held Dear

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Echo Diamond

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There’s a lot riding on this. Bungie’s ham-fisted handling of those 2023 layoffs outraged fans, while player numbers have dropped off and revenues are reportedly running at 45% below expectations. Meanwhile, Sony isn’t happy: PlayStation chairman Hiroki Totoki recently called for more “accountability” from Bungie leadership, heightening worries that the studio could be facing the loss of the independence it has enjoyed since being acquired by Sony in 2022.

The Final Shape will be the true arbiter of Sony’s future, but Into the Light is going to pave the way, and how well Bungie delivers through April and May will go a long way toward setting up The Final Shape for success—or otherwise.

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