Cyberpunk 2077 player stumbles across main menu easter egg hidden in plain sight, dev says ‘I started to doubt you chooms will ever find it’

I won’t lie to you, folks, this one’s niche. Positively infinitesimal. So small it might slip between the gaps in an atom. But I think it’s interesting, so here we are.

“It” in this case is an itsy-bitsy Easter Egg found in the main menu of Cyberpunk 2077. Discovered by a Twitter user named Crushovitz (and spotted by GamesRadar), it turns out that if you hover your mouse cursor for long enough over the game’s current patch version it’ll tick over to display 2.0.77. Hey! That’s the year Cyberpunk 2077 happens in! You can tell because they put it in the name.

Hey look, easter egg in the main menu!#Cyberpunk2077 #Cyberpunk2077PhantomLiberty #GamingCommunity 12, 2024

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I told you it was niche, but here’s what I think is actually kind of cool about it: Cyberpunk 2077 is an enormous game, and I don’t just mean in scale. This is a thing that’s been picked over endlessly for years on end, and yet it still has its secrets. Secrets so secret, in fact, that CDPR began to wonder if anyone would ever find them at all. 

In a response to Crushovitz’ tweet, CDPR dev Paweł Sasko—associate game director on the next Cyberpunk—congratulated the player: “Good find, I started to doubt you chooms will ever find it! Was hidden way too well”. One more of Night City’s secrets peeled away by the tireless investigations of a real-life Morgan Blackhand.

Well, kind of. Like I say, what I like about this one isn’t so much the easter egg itself so much as the fact it’s apparently been lying undetected despite sitting on the game’s main menu. Even if it hasn’t been there since the start—it could’ve been added alongside the game’s 2.0 update, for instance—it’s still kind of impressive to me that there’s been nary a Reddit thread about it in all the time it’s been there.

Anyway, off it goes now to join the ranks of all of Cyberpunk’s other, very much discovered easter eggs, like the Doom one, or the Witcher 3 one, or the endless Edgerunners ones. In fact, here’s every easter egg we found all the way back when the game first came out. I guess none of us lingered our spyglass on the patch version all that long, though.

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