Paint the Town Red VR Review – Brutal Fun

Paint the Town Red VR on Meta Quest 3

Paint the Town Red is a game that was always practically screaming out for a VR port. South East Games’ first-person brawler lets you let off some steam and lay waste to blocky characters with a range of weapons, going through themed levels and even an arena mode. The 2023 announcement of a VR release on Meta Quest, PSVR2, and Steam VR opened up a world of possibility: taking that unrealistic but meaty combat and making it more immersive than ever. Fortunately, Paint the Town Red VR manages to make good on that promise, proving a perfect time-sink for VR gamers.

On the surface, Paint the Town Red VR is the base version of the game ported over very faithfully. The core stages are the centerpiece for those diving in for the first time: small zones packed with NPCs that are just waiting to turn hostile as soon as you throw a punch, stab them with a knife, or whack them with a chair. From an 80s-inflected disco to a bar packed with bikers, there’s enough enemy variety and challenge to require a few tries before completing them.

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