Currents of Change: ITIF President Daniel Castro on Energy-Efficient AI and Climate Change

AI-driven change is in the air, as are concerns about the technology’s environmental impact. In this episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, Daniel Castro, vice president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and director of its Center for Data Innovation, speaks with host Noah Kravitz about the motivation behind his AI energy use report, which addresses misconceptions about the technology’s energy consumption. Castro also touches on the need for policies and frameworks that encourage the development of energy-efficient technology. Tune in to discover the crucial role of GPU acceleration in enhancing sustainability and how AI can help address climate change challenges.

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Show Notes

1:41: Context on and findings from the AI energy use report
10:36: How GPU acceleration has transformed the energy efficiency of AI, particularly in weather and climate forecasting
12:31: Examples of how GPU acceleration has improved the energy efficiency of AI operations
15:51: Castro’s insights on sustainability and AI
20:01: Policies and frameworks to encourage energy-efficient AI
26:43: Castro’s outlook on the interplay among advancing AI technology, energy sustainability and climate change

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