Your sick kickflips are the reason why other players are having such a dismal time in Destiny 2 right now

Destiny 2 players have been experiencing an increasing number of crashes in the last week and it looks like all fingers are pointed at the new Skimmer, but unfortunately, there’s also an unknowing accomplice: You. 

Yesterday, Destiny Bulletin sent out a warning to all enjoying their time with Destiny 2’s new hoverboard, the Skimmer. “If you enter a new load zone while grinding on the Skimmer (spamming the left/right boosts), it can crash the game for those in the previous load zone,” the tweet read. “Avoid using the Skimmer when entering new load zones.”

One YouTuber, Cheese Forever, decided to test this theory out for himself. The video explains how players have—hopefully accidentally—been crashing others by spamming the side boost while using the Skimmer. If you perform sick tricks on your Skimmer while travelling through a load zone, then it’s very likely that the game will crash for any players left in the previous area. Cheese Forever’s final message is simply: “Spread the word so you can stop crashing people.” 

Other players have also been trying to spread the message of the killer Skimmers. “It can be other people’s skimmers causing the issue, so kinda just sucks to suck right now,” one Redditor explained in a thread. It’s also more likely that you’ll cause crashes while racing about in a public area, private areas and activities like Vow of the Disciple or Vault of Grass have seen a much lower rate of disturbance. 

But it’s not all bad news—if you’ve spent the better half of last week with your head in your hands, wondering where it’s all gone wrong, then you’re not alone. One player was overjoyed at the prospect that they aren’t the only one experiencing problems: “Oh thank f*** I’m not the only one; l thought my console was dying, I’ve been doing prophecy all week and now l know why l crash so much after rainbow road, l appreciate the post.” Hopefully, everything should be resolved shortly in the next patch. 

In all honesty, I wouldn’t bet on every player putting down the Skimmer in the name of server solidarity just because, well, it’s a hoverboard and way cooler than the old Sparrow. If I were presented with this dilemma, I hope I’d do the honourable thing and refrain from using the Skimmer while crossing zones, but honestly, I’m not sure that my self-restraint is that strong.

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