10 Most Dangerous Quirks in My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, the world is full of humans with unique powers known as Quirks. While most individuals aim to use their Quirks for good, achieving a path to heroism, others may be cursed with Quirks that enhance villainous intent, force them onto a dark path, or pose a threat due to being uncontrollable. We’ve rounded up ten of the most dangerous Quirks from Heroes and Villains alike, so let’s dive right in for a closer look.

One For All

Image Source: Studio Bones

Sure, One For All may be one of the best Quirks of all time, when placed in the hands of a heroic individual. However, that doesn’t stop this power from being extremely dangerous to both the user and the people around them. As seen with Deku, One For All is extremely powerful, which means that if the body isn’t strong enough to support it, the Quirk will break you to pieces – much like Deku’s numerous mangled limbs and broken bones.

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