Top 10 Best Anime Songs of All Time

We all love anime for its stories and characters. However, some that both you and I have watched stayed in our memory because of their amazing soundtracks. So, why don’t we pay homage to the best music anime has blessed us with? Here is our list of the top 10 best anime songs of all time.

Noragami Aragoto – Kyouran Hey Kids!! (THE ORAL CIGARETTES)

The first time I heard Kyouran Hey Kids!!, I thought, man, this thing slaps. The funky rock drum beat, the guitar solos, the bass line. It’s all in tune with the quirky characters and the story of Noragami Aragoto. Plus, the opening video is so good that I haven’t skipped it once while watching the anime. It has to be one of the most awesome anime songs I’ve ever heard.

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