Modern Warfare 3 has a new insta-kill sword that even cuts through Riot Shields

You can now secure a new melee weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Reloaded, but it is no mere knife bling. This weapon can eviscerate any poor soul with a riot shield. 

Named Soulrender, presumably by My Chemical Romance, this sword has a unique ability in MW3 in that it can swiftly slice-up enemies and deal out some hardcore heavy attacks. Some players have taken full advantage of this killer combo and are using it to single-handedly wipe out enemy teams or get as close as possible. 

“If you’re not going to go for that cool animation, what’s the point of using this weapon?” one Youtuber, Handler, said during a kill compilation using the sword in question. 

There are two ways to use the Soulrender. Right-click is a rapid slash, but left-click performs the deadly animation as you cut the enemy’s neck twice, killing them instantly. It does seem slightly overpowered, with players being able to execute others as soon as they get anywhere close to arm’s length. Even when the enemy team is trying to keep their distance, a quick ninja run can dispose of them from behind before they even know what’s going on. 

One of the biggest assets of the Soulrender is against Riot Shield users—a simple left click will instantly dispose of them. Sledgehammer Games confirmed that this trick is intentional in MW3 multiplayer, according to a tweet from CharlieIntel, meaning that the Soulrender is the only melee weapon that can do this.

In the hands of a decent player, Soulrender can look pretty broken, especially if you use perks like covert sneakers, which eliminate footstep sounds, or lightweight boots that can improve movement speed. But there is a risk-reward to the weapon, and if you’re just running headfirst at someone aiming their BAS-B at you, then you probably won’t get very far. 

If you want to try Soulrender out for yourself, it’s not hard to get a hold of. All you have to do is complete Sector B21 in the Season 2 Battle Pass. This is a new sector introduced in the latest update to give players more things to unlock. However, instead of using Battle Pass Tokens, you’ll have to complete challenges such as earning all sector rewards.

After this, you can have fun slashing the dreams of every Riot Shield user you find, and jumping around looking for the next unsuspecting victim. 

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