Mechs are here! Helldivers 2 players liberate Tien Kwan blisteringly fast to get their hands on the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit

The latest Helldivers 2 major order is complete—and they weren’t kidding, Tien Kwan was really churning out those suckers before it got invaded.

You did it, Helldivers. Thanks to your determination, Tien Kwan stands strong and free. 8, 2024

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Turns out these mechs were ready to go a little while back. The moment players finished liberating Tien Kwan from the Automaton menace, the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit became available to unlock in the game. It costs a whopping 20,000 requisition slips, but I reckon that’s a small price to pay for freedom (and mechs).

Like heavy-hitting stratagems such as the Orbital Laser, the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit appears to only have a couple of charges and a cooldown of 600 seconds, which is 10 minutes of waiting before your second redeployment. That means you’ll have to be careful where you deploy this thing, since if it gets scrapped you’ll be up Malevelon Creek without a paddle.

(Image credit: Arrowhead Games)

The way this was handled kinda rules—I’d half-expected Tien Kwan’s liberation to prompt an update later in the week, but Arrowhead has given the community basically-instant gratification for its hard work. Automatons beware: Full-metal democracy is here.

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